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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 17, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3 year old woman.. rrn down in a parking lot. the pfamily memberá being bllmed.. and the exxuss the driveergave.------------------------------ a policeeofffcerr. suupecttd offbeating another person. whaa he was doing ábeforeá the attack.. and the eadly weapon he might - have been ccrrying. ------------------------------------- froo the south. how muuh raii we could get and when the wet in my skywatch forecast..----------------------------- 3 a science fiction solutionnto allergiis. aalergies. 3 pt's hard ottto step back and 3 :04")) the newwtechnology springtime sniffles. 3 i'mmjeff barnd. ,3 3 ann i'm jennnfer gilbert. a morran state university officer is off the job .... suspected of beating another
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maa aa a ar. bar. crime and justice... rrporter../ joy lepola... says... tte ooficer... 3 handguun. at the time. &p3 witnesses describe thee beating arried ut by the pmorgan state officer as -3&p3 ooficer milttn johnson has university wwaps up nn inteenal investiiation. at issue is whetter offiier &puniversity issued firearm when weeknow the gun was loaded and both mennwere allegedlyy intoxicated. 3 12:32:02 ww want to know if this officer was ii the boudaries of tte laww 3 in terms of his actions and whether or not alcohol was involved. :20 the man whh was eaten is out of the hospital. both men claam the otherrinstigated the 3 at 5:30.
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3 an actress... who played... a baltimore... drug gang assassin... on television.../ pleads... not guilty to conspiracy... to selll & heroin... this mmrning.. in baltimore circuit couut..../ is... felicia "snoop" pppeared... on h-b-o's "the wire"..../ ááshe'sáá chaaged nna state andd ederal 3 áápearson'ssá free... onnbond.../ and... can & eave theestate.. to pursue her acting career../. 3ábeatingáá áábeatiináá thii... brutal beating at a oseeale mcdonald's... made national headlines... after going virrl... on theeinteenet..// pounty ...staae's attornee... is now fillng... "hate crime" chhrges... aaainnt a woman and a teenager.../ - transgendered woman..../ áágovvrnoráá o'malley... said today... hh suppprts... these new... charges ááandáá he'll fight... for more 33 durinngnnxt year''... legislative session. baltimore plice are &pasking people to be on the 3 social security worker. released this sketch. the man targgted the elderly
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peoole woulddreceive caals telling hem hey werr overpaid by social security.. 3 would visit their house to reclaim thh money. abouu 6-feet tall with a pronounced belly. if you have information.. call the poliie fraud unit at &p410-396-2400. 33 poliie.. identify the body... of a man.... pulleddout... of the inner harbor .../ last week. &p guy page... from pikesville... was neer thh visitor's cause of his death... still.. isn't known. meantimee. / -3 áátheáá search.. is cclled off....for a man... who jumped nto the inner harbor... // after... a fiiht.. with his wife.... ááitáá &p happened... just before... 10 o''llck llst - nnght... in fells point..../ ááwitnessesáá & hot... thhs video of divers ...going nto the water... to & pearch for the man..../ áánoáá iin... f hhm tonitt. &pp3 a vollnteee tta ccty rec ccnter is accused oo soliciting sex from a child... his arrest has ocked parents at the south baltimore rec center in feeeral hill... hill... thatt whhre - jeff abell is ive toonghh - wwth a story
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you'll see first on fox, jefff... 3 another...
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3 challenger... - announccs his candidacy....for mayor.../. oonccimmn.. - carl stokes... announced n pis facebook age today.../ &p that... he'll challeege.. steppanie rawlings blake.../. áástokesáá has been a pember... of he council since & 19877.. ááheáá says.. the ccrrent administratioo... has... misplaced priorities. -3 3 neighhorhoods are being neglected. neighborhoods havee schools that are rumbling and kids are going to these sccools even though the meantime the race downtown is hhving 99 treets edone for 8 million dollars and most of the citt is driviin n ot hole tteets. it's embarrasinn. embaarasing. stokes... is the fourthh challenger... to pnnounce ..hii candidacy..../ áátheáá priiary's... in septembee. 3& the final wishes of former governor illiim donald schaefer are made public. circuit court today. sshaefer's eetate is valued t
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close to 2 and a haaf million pollars. he left half a illion dollars to his close frienn and forrer aide & lainy lebow-saahs. pshe is one of 20 peoppe singleddout by schaefer to receiveespeciaa gifts. -3 many persooal ittms will be donnted tt the illiam donall & 3 residents.../ nne arundel county 3 say.../ a... & pighttraii stop... near theer & homes.../ is... & a vehicle for crime...//. áátheyáá want it... shuu down. down.myranda stephens.../ - live... in ferndale.../ where pesidents,..../.
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3 how are the roads looking tonight? tonight?laurenncook has our trafficceege report. report. 3 maps-providence-fiber-back to -3 maps -3
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3 theepreakness .. festivittes.../ .are.. out f the gate... gate... "and they're off! &ppe've got aavery close raaee heee.. but coming in he & mmddle is hanssl.. hansee aad gllve" no horsesshere... no horsee here... theee young jockeys áhoopedá to the ffnish line toddy... for - chhnce aa winning the chieffs cup. it's the annual "pee weee preakness at federrl hill pprk... the race... et's kids áandá paaents experiince a baltimore tradiiion... ith a'' part of aaweek long celebbation leading up toothe áreal raceá this weekend. 3 yyu get more on the 136th runnnng of the preakness stakes.. including links to the offfcial websitts by going tt our weesite foxxaltimorr dot com. look for preaknnss stakes under hot tooics. chaace attwinning it's the - annual "pee wee" preaknees at & federal hill park... he & racee. let's experience a baltimorr raaition... with a 3 3 3 bed ugs.. tey're creepy..
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nnisanne. 3 why the pests... are also house. &p3- 3 a 19-year &pparking lot. &pthe ffmill member eing &pblamme.. and the áotterá act pull off when sse it the teen - with her car. & 3 p and.. a hi-tecc soluuion - to an agg old problem. &p how a llser can be the end to springtime sniffling &pand sneezing. &p3 --adbbib wwathee tz--
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3 are... as old as... igh school... itsell..../áábutáá some... pranks... pt western high... in 3 pent too far../ far../that's accordinn to he prinncpal.and as jjhn ryddll reports...thht's prompted her events...john... jennifer...the ppoo...anddgrrduation ceremonies...will take scheduled.but becauue of a series of & pranks....two other events... -3 for eniors...are being panceled. 3 theemostt..serious pranks... tte last ay of classss...for seniors..he principal...says someonepoisoned...the water systtmm..with some type of chemiial. and she says...othhr acts...of vandalism...caused &&ppropertydamage...and
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endangered...thesafety of students...and taff.but one &psenior...we poke upset...that bbing punished...for the (vitale) "they goo rid of it & 'cause things wentttoo far, yet, really they should have got all the other kids thaa pid vvrything harmful, not alllthe kiis, not everybody in theesenior ccass.. the "senior fareeelll...and"senior banquet"...have beencanceled at western.the -3 principal...says...that'' because she can not rely...on -3 the wiidom...and judgment of seniors...aa those events. pthat bringg s o oorr uestion of the day. is ittfair to -3 punish an entire class for the actiins of a few studdnts? o to ffo-baltimore dot com and telllus what you think. you can lso sound off through facebook. send us tweet.. - aa foxbaltimore. anddyou can teex your answer to 45223. enter fox45a for yes.. or pight air tonnght on the news pt ten. 3 3 an...
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& ohio mother....faces charres.. / or... running ovvr... her 19 year old daaghter../ daughter../ áálookáá aa... this surveillance video... shot & outside... a wal-mart... near... anduskyy ohio./. áátheáá pideo... shows the teen... getttng out of the car.../ and hitting the hood.../ ááthenáá the mooherr.. pulls forward... and... clips her. 3 mom ssii that sse was trying - to, she wassgonna drive by with her windowwdown and smack & her aughter in the headd n retaliation ffo hhr striking & te vehhcle with her hand. 3 the teee... was preattd for an injury o her foot./ ááheráá mother's... charged with vehiiular assault... and abuse.../ bbddbugs../ aren't... just... a creeey nuisanne... for onn family../ p áátheyyreáá responsible... for destroying an entire house./. ááthisáá is... what's left... of aa home... in carthage,,ohio.. / & as ....irefightees.. douse the family... paiddtoo have their house... superr heated.. / to... kkll the... infestation..../ -3 venn ...blow heat into a home.../ ááraisingáá hh temperature ..iiside.. to 140- &páábutáá../ the contractor's....ovens got too hot.../ áástartingáá
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p tiree of -3 all that snifflinn and sneezing? sneezing?? if allergy drugssdon'' work for - you.. a laser mmght beethe answer. dootors &pare using lasers pointed att patients ears to rrconditioo their bodies ánotá to react allergens. but itt worked on a lot of people. 3 ((dr: 6:22:55 when so many f &&pour patiints are ovvrwhelminglyyteeling their - neighbors and their frieedd and their ccildden and everrthing else, it's hard nnt -3 to ssep bbck and be somewhat amazed. :044)) 3 3 that's just one oo the alternatiie treaamenttsfor aalergies. see mmre ways to easier breethingg tonight oo fox45 news at ten..- 3 3 it's not all laughs and singing on glee. episode. 33 3 --adblib weether tz--
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ááentertainmentáá reporrtr... candace dold... -3 spoke with star,.../ mmtthew moorison, ..... p who ppays... mr. schusttr.../ááheáá sayss.. its powerful episode... forr the actorr,.../ p he doess't mind... the change offpace. 3 sot mmtthew:: its one of - those episodes i ikk the 3the shoo, but thhse really emotional ssows those re what get me the most.. thhy are the & touching 3 you can see ...the funeral epissdee.. of "glle" ponight.../ at -3 8-pm herreonnfox45. 3 the seppration of arnold schwarreneeger from his wife maria schriver has gone from a personnl maater.. to a full lown scannall scandal.formerrcalifornia áaamitsá to fathering a child comes jjst a week after e annoonced a seppraaton from his wife of 25 years. schwarzenegger says he had he child with a member of he
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3he's been a fixture oo televisson every abor day weekend for 45 years.but this will be the last muscular pyyrophyytelethon, or jerry -3 the telethon affer hii year. & he says it's time for a "new telethon era." 3 the telethon has a diiferenn format this year &too.... a horter six our primetimm slot... on septeeber 33locclly on oor sister stttion, tteec-w baltimore. more storms re souuh. chief - meteorologist vytas reid lets us know how much more rain get. 3 3p beein charge of
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3 your own orecast. áái-radaráá..././ is - pow available at foxbaltimore dot com. ááuseáá...// the interactive tools to trackkcoming storms doww to & your strret. &páágooá... to - foxbaatimore dot com slash i-radar 3 3 p bbzarre crime cught on camera... & 3 what's in this bag... that's and twenty thoouand dollars.... 3 &p
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ú 3 morning, 13 hhrses are expoected to officially enter that 14 wouldd eter, buu one of them, a ppetty bii name at that, has withhrawn... wwthdrawn...& animal kingdom in thh kentucky perbyy has been pulled out off the preakness...his owwer, -3 aamed zayat said thh hhrse has run in four races in the last 8 weekk ann thht he wants to err on the side of caution... &pzayat says they''l now point to he belmont, which is set for june 11th...he preakness - will probabby get hat 14th entryyin his lace...llok for isn't he pprfecc to b added
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to the field. 33 tth oriolls had a ouuh pight... thee blew 6-run pead to the red sox and lost in the 9th... anddit didn't end here... the o's suffered anntherrinjury... 3 . 11t baseman deerek lee straineddleft oblique... lee 3 game in the 3rd inning... thhs is he same injury that shelved shortssop j-j hhrdy porr month... leeeis nottin tth lineup tonight but he -3 hasn't been placed on thh diiable list... 3p we have lost one oo tte great power hitters in bassball history..hhrmon -3 killebrew has dieddof -3 cancer...he was 74...he maae at age 11 and hii first hit was a 476 foot home run...hh - over is carrer, which ended & in 1975....hat's 11th 111tiie alllstar, killebrew's best year was 1969, when hh hit 49 home runs
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3 in 1984...harmon killebrew, -3dead at age 74. 3 .o's and red ox highlights... the semifinals & ppayer oo the week award... that's alllcoming up tonight at 10-50 on sports -3 unlimited... baak to yoou.. 3&p--toss to ytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 a strange crime... , 3 caught on camera.... hen a thiee mmkes offfwith much more
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video... showss him ccawling into a ooston & boutique....without tripping the alarm or mooton the cash regisser...//ut momentt laaer... / he pushes a ggant duffel bagg. -&ptowarddthe oor../police say it was tuffed ith hair extensions and wigs... worth mmre than one 126--thhusand dollars....// 3 p beforeewe go 3 ttnight...we wanttto coogrrtulate the meebers oo &pthe fox45 ews teem. team. emmy nominations were releasee.. and fox45 rrceivedd 99 w-bbf-f receiied more nomiiations than ann -3 otherrstattoo in baltimore or &pashington d-c. & the winners wwll be annouuced - in june. &p3 &p3 thht'ssall for fox45 news at next.and we'lllbe back tooight - for fox455nees at teen-- and the late edition at 11... later.


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